There is something spectacular about the struggle of growing up. Are we referring to major life decisions thrust upon 17-year-olds? Or the horrors of picking up a phone and scheduling an appointment? Or navigating complex relationships? Not exactly. We’re referring to the fact that in the midst of all the awkwardness and hardship and heartbreak, you’re actually finding love, joy—and yourself. This site is dedicated to all of those people in their “salad days,” those young, and young at heart.

This is more than just a publication for the youth; This is a happy place. Whether that might mean endless memes or in-depth interviews with amazing people, we aim to provide content that will warm your heart, that will expose the admirable sides of humanity, and that will inspire you to live your best life today.

To Recap:

Who: All are welcome.

♦ Profiles: Meet inspiring individuals who share their life stories and adventures.
♦101: The basics of life, ranging from “Motivation 101” to “Cooking 101.”
Style: Shopping guides, fashion editorials, and other beautiful visuals.
#Hangry: Food-related articles centered around tantalizing photos.
#Humor: Featuring all things funny. Our goal is to make you laugh until your sides hurt.

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