5 Hilarious Stand-up Comedy Specials

For these specials, all you need is Netflix.

If you’re in the mood of some seriously good comedy specials, look no further – stream these 5 shows for guaranteed laughs!

1. Mike Birbiglia; Thank God for Jokes

This is that guy who’s so funny without trying to be funny.

2. Jen Kirkman; I’m Gonna Die Alone

Did anyone say Valentine’s Day? Perfect timing to catch Kirkman’s comedy special.

3. Trevor Noah; Afraid of the Dark

You may already know him from the Daily Show, but Trevor Noah is in his element when he’s performing standup comedy. Once you finish this Netflix special, there’s a whole string of hilarious YouTube videos you can find by searching for his name.

4. John Mulaney; The Comeback Kid

When it comes to wholesome comedians, he is by far the best.

5. Jim Gaffigan; Cinco

The author of Food: A Love Story delivers a wickedly funny comedy special series.

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