The Gift Guide for Your Friend who has Everything

Our 2018 gift guide!

‘Tis the season of giving, and we are talking about gift giving here. Giving and receiving gifts during the holidays is definitely one of the best parts of the season – well one of the best parts (hot chocolate and Christmas cookies are also high up on the list).

Anyway, picture this: you and your girlfriends get together for your annul Secret Santa party and you are about to pick a name out of the hat. You are praying, and like seriously praying that you don’t get your friend Rebecca, who owns literally everything. But as the Secret Santa Gods would have it, you get Rebecca. Don’t panic, here are 10 gifts that are perfect for those friends who seem to have everything.

1. iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker {Urban Outfitters, $80}

How cool does this sound? It is a light-up vanity mirror that also has built-in speakers. The iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker has a wide range of light settings, along with Siri and Google Now voice assistants. (So while you are getting ready you can ask Siri to play your favorite song). This is a great gift for you makeup-loving, tech-savvy friend.

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2. Sheepskin Headphone Earmuffs {Ugg Australia, $95}

This gift is great for your friend who can’t go anywhere without listening to music. With the Sheepskin Headphone Earmuffs you can keep your ears warm and look chic and stylish while vibe-ing to your favorite playlist.

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3. Champagne Bottle Keychain {Kate Spade, $68}

Fashionable friends will love this gift! It’s an adorable addition to any handbag.

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4. Color-Block Velvet Socks {Free People, $14}

This is an ideal cozy-yet-stylish gift to give this season. It makes the perfect little fashion statement with a pair of ankle boots and they will still keep you warm.

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5. Candy Box Hair Ties {Emi Jay, $24}

Even your friend who has everything sometimes runs out of hair ties. These super-cute hair ties come in “candy boxes” like caramel and candy cane.

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6. One-Snap-a-Day Photo Journal {Urban Outfitters, $29}

Perfect for your Polaroid-obsessed friend.

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7. Zodiac Candles {Cynthia Rowley, $48}

Do you have a friend that is always telling you when Mercury is in retrograde? (Side note: I’m that friend). But if you have a friend that is super into horoscopes and zodiac signs, this zodiac candle, which comes with all the astrological signs on it, is practically written in the stars. It is a great little statement candle for any room in the house.

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8. Star-Embroidered Gloves {Bloomingdale’s, $88}

These gloves are what you get for those people who would rather die than be caught in North Face all-black gloves. The star gloves still protect your hands from the cold but have a chic style and are sure to add to any wintertime outfit. Bonus: they are also tech gloves!

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9. Flannel Pajamas {Victoria’s Secret, $39.50}

Nothing is better than receiving pajamas as a gift, in my opinion. Especially during the holidays they come in all different festive prints that make even sleeping a fashion statement. These pajamas are a sure to keep you cozy and warm throughout the holidays.

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10. Love Your Melon Beanie {Love Your Melon, $35}

This is personally one of my favorite gifts, because not only are the Love Your Melon beanies so cute and warm, they also support a great cause. The apparel brand donates half of their proceeds toward pediatric cancer – so this is a gift that also has a great meaning behind it.

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Alicia Barillari is a junior at the University of Maryland and a contributor at When she is not obsessing over celeb gossip and pop culture, she can be found tagging her friends in memes or eating chocolate cake.

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