Here’s How Judging Others Hurts You

“The happiest people I know are always evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are evaluating and judging others.” -Lisa Villa Prosen

Isn’t it funny how we all don’t want to be judged, yet we judge others? It’s a habit we pick up from an early age that is really, really difficult to break. As life progresses, the subject changes, but the judgments stay the same. Judgments are brandished for the amount of money people spend or don’t spend, for things people do or don’t do – it’s never-ending.

There are very few of us who would aspire to become a person who is “judgmental,” but even carrying those qualities a little bit in our everyday lives can hinder us greatly. So if you’re looking to clear some of the negative clutter from your life this spring, this might be a good way to start.

1. You Are Making a Character Statement About Yourself

You honestly have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s life, let alone someone else’s mind – including your closest friends. Therefore, when you judge someone, you’re projecting your own values and insecurities, meaning that you judging another person has very little to do with them, and a lot to do with you.

2. You Are Wasting Your Time

You know all the things you could be doing instead of focusing on what you don’t like about someone else? Literally anything that could be making your life better. You could read a life-changing book, make art, go for a swim, drink an amazing iced coffee – literally anything.

3. It’s Not Fun

Judgment, much like gossip or any of its negative cousins, definitely doesn’t result in a net increase of happiness. At the very least, it makes you feel better about yourself for a minute, before making you feel a lot worse.

4. You Stop Growing Because You’re Remaining Within a Narrow-Minded Worldview

One way in which we grow as human beings is by constantly evaluating our limiting beliefs, and examining those inflexible areas of our mind. Everyone is narrow-minded about something. But you don’t want to be a narrow-minded person because then you close yourself off from growth in that area. By releasing judgment, you are opening your mind and expanding your horizons.

5. You Are Not Fulfilling Your Potential

To end on a positive note: You are a unique, beautiful, valuable person with so much to contribute to others’ lives. The world desperately needs you to know that and act on that. Eliminate the negativity such as judgment from your life, and watch the ensuing magic unfold.

Adelle Goldenberg is the Executive Editor of For judgments, questions, concerns, comments or compliments, you can reach her at

Cover photo captured by Azamat Zhanisov.


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