How to Stop Liking Someone

Don’t be afraid to un-catch feels.

Have you ever caught yourself starting to develop a crush on someone who you know isn’t right? Or maybe it’s just not a great time to have feelings for someone. But there you are, stalking his Instagram and waiting for him to open your Snap. Ugh. Sometimes feelings really suck.

Personally, whenever I started to like a boy, I would convince myself that they did not like me back. So I would tell myself What’s the point? He doesn’t like you, so why like him? This would work sometimes, however, it is honestly very hard to stop liking someone.

Worry not, I developed a simple guide you can follow to stop those feels early in their tracks before you are in over your head.

1. Distance Yourself

Finding distance from your crush will do you wonders. Give yourself some space and focus on you. Yeah, this might sound easier said than done, but if you are avidly trying to focus on something else, eventually you’ll be saying Jack who?!

2. Stop Telling Your Friends About Him

Sometimes your best friends can only add to the love fire burning in your heart. The more you talk about your crush, the more you will be thinking about him and thinking about what he is doing. And if you stop telling your friends about it, they will stop asking and teasing. This will make a huge difference in your mindset.

3. Banish Self-Loathing

Obviously, crushes are normal! So do not, by any means, beat yourself up over liking the wrong person or just liking someone in general. Nothing is permanent, you’ll get over it and move on. Sometimes having a crush helps you realize the difference between just a “crush” and someone you have true feelings for. It’s a valuable learning experience.

4. Be Honest With Yourself

Yes, crushes hurt and by all means you are allowed to be sad about them. But don’t let this one crush ruin your life. There will be so many more people you’ll meet and like. This one crush won’t be the end-all. If you are honest with yourself and remind yourself of this, then you will be able to move on more quickly and not get stuck in a lovesick rut.

5. Get Busy

Hang out with different people, get involved in something, be active; this will help to get your mind off of your feelings. Before you even realize it, you will start feeling better. It all takes time, but surrounding yourself with a variety of uplifting people will make a big difference.

So, if you are fighting with those inner butterflies right now, wishing they would go away, try these tips and let us know how it goes (no money-back guarantees). Have some faith, things always have a way of working out. Troublesome crushes are just one of the less enjoyable parts of life, the rest is slightly better.


Alicia Barillari is a junior at the University of Maryland and a contributor at When she is not obsessing over celeb gossip and pop culture, she can be found tagging her friends in memes or eating chocolate cake. 

Cover photo captured by Valerie Elash.


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