Thoughts Everyone has on Third Wheeling

Oh, is there a better feeling in the whole world?

Urban Dictionary defines a human third wheel as “someone out of a trio who is seemingly the least relevant.” So lovely, it really is.

I am pretty sure everyone at one point or another has experienced being a third wheel, and if you have not – well, consider yourself #blessed, because let me tell you, it is awkward to the max.

I have unfortunately been the third wheel on several occasions. Sometimes, I can even feel like a third wheel when I’m with two other friends who are closer and I am just there literally standing while they chat about something I don’t even know/care about. The struggle is wheel people.

Here are some of the thoughts I have had during my third wheel excursions:

1. Why did they invite me if they were only going to talk to each other?

Ok, so here I am, noticeably a third wheel, while Jessica and Brad whisper to each other and even if I try to interject a comment, they either laugh (because I am trying to listen to what they are saying but clearly have no idea) or they ignore me and continue talking to only each other. Not cool guys, not cool.

2. Are they seriously kissing in front of me?!

Am I seeing this correctly? I feel not only super single, but also very uncomfortable. Should I move over or just run away?

3. Why in the world am I here?

This is a recurring question in my head. Is it my fault for going? Their fault for inviting me? Regardless, why did I agree to this?! Ugh.

4. Can I leave now?

So clearly, I was a pity invite and one of them just felt guilty for not hanging out with me in a while and added me late to an already established group chat. So yeah, I want to leave. Nothing worse than feeling unwelcome. Literally, Kim you’re being so rude.

5. What’s worse: being the third wheel right now, or going back to not socializing with people?

I could have been curled up in bed with some takeout and my Netflix show, scrolling through Instagram, laughing at memes and most notably: not here, where I put on real pants just to feel ignored.

I say all of us third wheels, get together, start a group chat and make the others feel left out. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Seriously though, end third wheeling, it is a crime.

Alicia Barillari is a rising junior at the University of Maryland and a contributor at When she is not obsessing over celeb gossip and pop culture, she can be found tagging her friends in memes or eating chocolate cake. 

Cover photo captured by Kinga Cichewicz.

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