Halloween 101

Ladies and gentlemen, vampires and goblins, here’s your guide on how to survive Halloween!

So, you just got invited to a Halloween party. Congrats! No, it’s not about chocolates. Yes, your costume matters. Yes, you may come as Wonder Woman and pretend you actually read the comics. Why yes, you may come as a cheerleader when you hate school spirit. (Although if you are actually a cheerleader in real life, pick another costume – that’s just cheating.) And guys! Halloween is about more than just having a great time. It is perhaps the only time of the year when it is acceptable to wear miniskirts in 40-degree weather.

Now that we got those minor announcements out of the way, let’s get this party started!

How to pick out the best costume:

The most important thing when it comes to picking costumes is that you are comfortable wearing it. I mean that literally and figuratively. Let’s start with the literal part: You have no idea how many times I’ve gone out with a friend and she decided to be Lady Gaga for Halloween. This means she has a giant fedora the size of a shopping mall on her head. Yes, it’s creative and I applaud how artistic it is but it becomes impossible to move around in it. Balancing style with comfort is a must.

Now for the “figuratively” part: If you don’t necessarily want to wear something very revealing, do not, I repeat, do not be pressured into wear something skimpy just because all your friends are doing it. Your costume may be important but that also means it should be something you actually like. The main goal of Halloween is to have fun. Also, do you really want to be worrying about wardrobe malfunctions all night?

In addition, I’ve got some specific costume advice for guys: Don’t come naked and say you’re “Adam” and just because your girlfriend is a cop doesn’t mean you have to be a robber.

How to host your first Halloween party:

I’ve hosted numerous of Halloween parties throughout high school and several in college. The single most important thing to consider is the guest list. Invite people who are your real friends. Do not invite the whole school as the movies always suggest. Not only will it cause you unnecessary stress but honestly, its way more fun if it’s a small group of close friends versus an entire town of strangers. Furthermore, you get to see everyone’s costumes and they get to see yours since you’re not competing with a massive group.

Now, should you decorate your house with cobwebs and pumpkins? It does make your party look much cooler. However, if you’re on a budget or if you’re like me and are just too lazy to make any effort, there are a few ways to go about it and still get that Halloween aesthetic. One thing you can easily do: Put food coloring into everything! Turn your drinks orange and your cookies green.

Another way to find decorations is through a method I call “creative sourcing.” This means remembering that skeleton that you saw in biology class and asking your teacher to borrow it. I also like to invest in pumpkins and let my friends carve any design of their choosing into it. By doing that, I am simultaneously entertaining my guests and receiving new home decorations.

You can also host your party outdoors. This is my favorite way to throw a party because you eliminate the need to decorate since it’s already outdoors and nighttime lends a fabulous spooky aesthetic. Just send advance notice not to come dressed as a lifeguard or professional swimmer because I hear that death by freezing is not very pleasant.

Last but not least, should you tell your parents about the “study group” you’re having at home? Well in my opinion, it’s best to do it. I’m sure they already know what you’re up to. And if they say no? Well if you go ahead with it, at least they were warned.

How I spend my Halloween:

Halloween parties in college are the wildest! I’ve had so many crazy situations and adventures, but one thing I’ve learned from all of it is to make sure that you’re always in a group. It should be a group of friends or people that can be trusted. Not only is it much more fun that way, but you’ll have trusted companions looking after each other.

What’s the most fun Halloween party I’ve been to, you ask? Halloween of 2016, my college friends and I decided to have matching costumes that year.  The epic idea dawned on us while we were watching a Kung Fu movie late at night.  My friend Mike goes, “Hey, we should be ninjas for Halloween.” And we were like “Yeah.”  So, we all dressed up as ninjas and walked around New York City. All 9 of us.  Just imagine 9 ninjas bouncing around and doing amateur parkour on the sidewalks. For some reason, we ended up in this club that was hosting a costume contest. My friends and I figured, hey why not. In the contest, you pretty much have to go onstage and showcase your costume. Some danced, others sang; most people seemed to have rehearsed their routine while we had absolutely no clue what to do. None of us could dance or sing. So, what did we do when we got onstage? We fought each other. Duh, we’re ninjas! I got on my friend’s back while my other friend tried to pull his leg and we started horse playing on stage. I kept doing these kick movements while my friend Mike kept trying to break the wall (which he couldn’t because it was concrete). We were having so much fun just laughing and doing all these martial arts moves in front of a live crowd. People laughed so hard and found it so hilarious that we won the contest.

Just kidding we lost. They kept booing us. But we had the time of our lives.
Anton Puno is a writer and YouTuber from Queens, New York. He enjoys fashion, poetry and photography. When he is not being a stereotypical hipster, he is most likely bragging to Adelle Goldenberg about being a contributor at GlamSalad.com.

Cover photo by Aral Tasher

9 thoughts on “Halloween 101

  1. Elizabeth

    I always loved those costume that are unique and creative. I usually always go out with friends we dress up go eat dinner but we all have to dress up and not just putting animal ears on our head and saying we are a mouse….duh.


  2. Jamie

    There’s always the last minute put together costume some people fall under that category, that I usually fall under haha.

    Ninjas in New York, that sounds almost like a hilarious version of the hangover


  3. Leblond

    Oooh I love this. Pretty much every year when choosing my costume, I first pick whatever sexy/evening/party dress I’ve been longing to wear and showcase to my friends but haven’t found a sufficiently glam occassion…and add details/accessories to turn it into a costume. This year was a tiny sparkling orange ballerina dress that I asked my students to brainstorm what I could turn it into…and my middle schoolers screamed “pumpkin!”. A little felt, a few safety pins, some sleek heels et voilà 🙂 I was happy, and now that ive worn that dress for a second time (I wore it to a party in Feb. 2017 but still…I’m a shopaholic but not a wear-once kinda shopaholic. )

    Also, if you’re hosting, it’s totally reasonable to ask your friends to bring a themed appetizer/dessert. I saw cupcakes with fingers sticking out of them, “mummy” stuffed peppers with edible eyes, a pumpkin shaped cake and more (I felt like a slacker/basic chick making double chocolate Ghiraldelli brownies from a mix…but people at them so….so there 😉

    Happy Halloween everyone


  4. Annette

    So over the skimpy costumes. lol Done with freezing to death and walking home with my heels in hand. I think I have a better time in a funny outfit or going all out on my make up. Though maybe I should’ve. It was a warm Halloween weekend here.


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