The Best Fall Date Ideas

Care to spend an evening savoring glazed cinnamon donuts while watching Grey’s Anatomy with your very own McDreamy?

It pays to fall in love during the fall season. Not only are there long walks in gorgeous parks, cute-ugly matching sweaters and cozy bonfires, but think about all the candy corn, caramel apples and pumpkin bread! In these upcoming weeks, we highly encourage you to indulge in the following delicious date ideas.

1. The Donut Date

There’s something so splendid about biting into a puffy, glazed apple-cider-cinnamon donut. Can you imagine how fun it would be to spend an evening tasting an entire box of donuts while watching Grey’s Anatomy with your very own McDreamy?


2. Let’s Get Some Coffee

You know the truth – you can go on coffee dates anytime, anywhere. But can you really enjoy them as they’re meant to be when you’re slurping down an iced Frappuccino in stifling 90-degree heat? Love fares better when you’re sharing steaming-hot cups of Joe or cocoa while sitting together in a cozy nook, shielded from the stormy fall weather.


3. Stack ’em Up

Blueberry pancakes and Nutella French toast add so much to those weekend brunches. Honestly, there’s only one thing that’s better than digging into these fluffy mountains of joy and that’s sharing them with your special someone (because like that you don’t have to decide between two different flavors – you can just order both and steal some from them.)


4. Burgers with Bae

Happiness can be bought. We’ll prove it to you right now: Go buy a burger with all your favorites – yes, including the guac, sautéed mushrooms, fried onions, whatever tickles your fancy. Then enjoy. every. bite.

Now imagine sharing this heavenly experience with someone on a date. There’s no going back once you’ve both enjoyed the best burgers together. Trust us on this one.


5. Power Couples Like Pie!

We know you like being ahead of the game. Here’s a fun challenge: try all the pie your heart desires before everyone will be groaning about the amount of pumpkin pie they inhaled on Thanksgiving. #Winning


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