Gossip Girl Editorial

Glam Salad here, your one and only source into the fabulous lives of successful teenagers.

What do you get when you combine school, macarons and The Met? A very Gossip Girl-esque spread, that’s for sure.

However, this specific editorial has one special addition: Our Blair and Serena chose to sport Latico Leathers backpacks and totes. These luxurious handbags are creations by Liv Schreiber, a junior at UW-Madison and total #GirlBoss who brought her millennial touch to her family’s company. We figured that if we’re looking for a schoolbag, why not opt for an authentic leather beauty which supports another inspiring individual?

We hope you enjoy! XOXO.

Models: Ana Scheidlinger as Serena (@ana_ _rebecca) and Stefanie Agovino as Blair (@s.agovino)
Photographer: Molly Meisels (@mollymeiselsphotography)
Creative Director: Adelle Goldenberg (@adellegoldd)

Steg looking gorg (1)

Macaron LOVE (1)

How fun it is (1)

modified (1)

Agoldd-2 (1)

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