Where to Shop for the Summer

There’s 104 days of summer vacation and the annual problem of our generation is actually how to fill up our wardrobes.

You told us to wake you up when summer begins, so this is your official notice: The beach is calling! Naturally, you’ll need to do some shopping for this fabulous season (and purchasing one pair of new flip-flops doesn’t really count) so we compiled the best places to shop for every price range.

Hence, we proclaim the summer of 2017 as one of peace, love, pineapples and perfect #LooksOfTheDay!

If you’re trying not to break the bank this season:

1. Topshop

TopShop is a great online resource for low-priced but still trendy pieces. In addition to bathing suits, they also have a plethora of sandals, summer accessories, and sun-dresses. Check out the summer look we designed using only TopShop pieces below.

THE Topshop
Crop Top / Sequin Patch Jeans / Gel Nail Polish / Marble Sunglasses / Make-Up Bag / Slide Sandals / Gingham Dress

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a treasure trove of summer outfit inspiration. Their large and ever-changing inventory ensures that you will always have new pieces to search. Below is a summer outfit we love from Urban!

The Urban Outfitters
Round Yellow Sunglasses / Gladiator Sandals / Strappy Dress / Aviator Sunglasses

If you want a mixture of expensive statement pieces and lower-cost staples at mid-range prices:

3. Revolve

Revolve is a great go to site for eye-catching summer looks. You have probably seen a lot of their brands on your favorite models and social media influencers at Coachella and at the Revolve summer home. Below is a great summer look featuring revolve-ing shoes at midrange prices.

THE Revolve
Babes Unite Tee / Zebra Shoe / Hot Dog Shoe / TGIF Shoe / Kenzo Shoe / Hi Shoe / Sorry Shoe / Rainbow Shoe

4. ShopBop

Like Revolve, ShopBop also has a mixture of high-end and easy on the wallet pieces. Shop the general site for pieces in the mid-price range or click on the designer boutique for higher prices items. Below is one of our favorite ShopBop ensembles.

Good Life Tee / Kate Spade Umbrella / Golden Goose Sneakers / Red Swimsuit / Love Bag

If you’re ready to drop some Beyoncé-and-her-$20,000-Bottle-of-Champagne-Bath-Style cash on your new summer outfits: (Actually, thinking about her champagne bath makes spending $2,000 on a cute skirt sound really prudent.)

5. Forward by Elyse Walker

Forward by Elyse Walker
Floral Overalls / Self-Portrait Frills Dress / Galvan Jumpsuit

6. Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion is a London based luxury fashion retailer but luckily for us, it also ships to the US. The site sells pieces from over 400 designers ensuring you have a large inventory to choose from.

THE Matches Fashion
Kiini Luna Crochet Bikini Top / Saint Laurent Shorts / Gucci Loved Necklace / Sophia Webster Tassel Heels

Andy Karp is a sophomore at George Washington University and a contributor at GlamSalad.com. From a young age, she has had a passion for creative writing, fashion and journalism. Catch her on Instagram, @foundingfoodies and Wishi, as an online stylist.

Edited by Adelle Goldenberg

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