Summer Editorial

Hints of school at your favorite summer haunt – Coney Island Beach.

It’s like spring fever minus the sneezing. You know what it is. You’ve got to tie up the last semester of the school year with a bang – and the world is just coming alive! Birds are chirping, cherry trees are blossoming, and the ice cream truck jingle promises endless lemon ices and Crunch bars.

As an ode to those magical moments during school, we took the shiny red (candied) apples and school supplies to Coney Island.

The place truly looked forlorn, awaiting the rush of youth along with their joyful spirits and skateboards. At least you know it’s anticipating you as much as you are longing for its golden (broken-seashell-filled) sand.

Model: Nina Maryles (@n_maryles)
Photographer: Molly Meisels (@MollyMeiselsPhotography)
Fashion Editor: Adelle Goldenberg (@adellegoldd)

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