Valentine’s Day Editorial

If you’ll be sighing with happiness and delightfully accepting chocolate-covered strawberries with pink roses tomorrow morning, this editorial is for you. If you usually barf and spray Febreze at any whiff of sweet love in the air, this editorial is for you.

In fact, we covered many different types of people on Valentine’s Day and how they spend it. Some of them may be personally relatable, but if you leave your house at all tomorrow, you may pass upon all of them.

We hope you have a lovely day.

Model: Ileri Jaiyeoba (@ileri_jaiy14)
Photographer: Molly Meisels (@mollymeiselsphotography)
Creative Director: Adelle Goldenberg (@adellegoldd)

1) The one who has a Valentine Every Single Year.

You would think she’d get tired of the same red roses and chocolates every February 14th, but lo and behold, she can be single as a pringle until February 11th, yet she will miraculously meet someone a day later.


2) The one who Secretly Wishes she had a Valentine.

Dating herself is what she’s all about, so expect her to go to a scenic location, and daydream about all the amazing movies she’s seen alone and all the places she’ll go, people she’ll see – alone. She smiles, but we know she’s eyeing that cute couple over there.


3) The one who will Spend the day Shopping.

These are the girls that will sing “All the Single Ladies” all day, however, when they “put their hands up” they want it to be sparkling with ruby rings and golden hand chains. They also claim that shopping is cheaper than therapy, and they are not wrong.


4) The ones who don’t Believe in Love.

They don’t care how romantic that couple in the street seems, all they see is the broken hearts in the empty candy wrappers, along with the roses in the garbage symbolizing their lost hopes. These are also usually the people who end up in relationships a few days after they renounce all belief in love.


5) The one who’s Thrilled to be Single.

One may never know if they’re faking it or not, but these are the individuals who are savoring every second of freedom from having to think about the perfect gift – and being in a relationship.


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