Chloé Selby’s Take on Life and her new Line of Chokers

“Most babies would crawl towards sweets or toys, but I would crawl towards my mom’s Jimmy Choos.”

If this early attraction to beauty wasn’t enough of an indication that Chloé Selby was going to be passionate about blogging and designing, we don’t know what is. (Well, maybe an even greater sign is the fact that her mom was inspired to name her Chloé while passing the iconic French brand on Madison Avenue.)

Whether it’s a result of nature spotted at a young age or her stellar taste – or both – Chloé Selby’s blog, ChloeSelbyStyle, caught our attention with its glamorous edgy style.

Amongst her exquisitely curated outfits, like a velour slip-dress paired with a soft ombré jacket and combat boots, is a strong message. A sense of achieving your dreams with positivity and confidence shines through like rays of much-needed sunshine in today’s world. She also brings her readers along on her travels, taking them from the sunny Amalfi coast to a rustic farm wedding in Chicago.

“My goal is to evoke a sense of wonder, through design, that embraces diversity while having a clear vision and avant-garde style. My dream is to inspire others to acquire a new mindset that allows them to imagine their existing wardrobe as if it were Barneys.”

By now, you can surely understand why she is one of our favorite bloggers. Being that she just launched Chokers by Chloé, a delightful collection of chokers which range from velvety-soft red to deep-black rock star designs, we caught up with her to discuss the inspiration behind it and her vision for its future.

1) What is your background?

I grew up in Los Angeles, California. Constantly being around high-end stores, actors, and designers, I’ve been able to distinguish my style as something edgy and unique. I love being able to draw from this city as I create a style all of my own.

Destined for stylish things from the start…

2) Why did you decide to start a fashion blog?

I started because I wanted to share the story of my travels, outfits, and new fashion lines in a more personal way. People would often ask where I got certain items I was wearing or how I put an outfit together, and now I get to answer these sorts of questions on my blog. I also share things more in-depth with the hopes of inspiring others through my thoughts as well as my designs.

On ChloeSelbyStyle, she often blogs about her travels, such as this trip to the Amalfi Coast.

3) What are some tips on confidence you would like to share?

Confidence is being truly secure and satisfied with who you are. With confidence there is a release from how others might label or judge you. There is a freedom in this, a freedom in living your “true, rad, style.” Confidence comes from knowing my true friends and family will love me for who I am, and not for what others believe that I am “supposed to be.” Being your true self is the key that will guide you to a journey of finding out who you are and what you’re most passionate about and learning to love yourself, feeling completely comfortable in your own skin. Do what you love and love what you do. In life we thrive when we are inspired by the things that fascinate and energize our spirits.

4) You recently launched an accessories line, Chokers by Chloé, why did you decide to focus specifically on chokers?

I decided to start Chokers by Chloé because I had many new visions and ideas for the styles of chokers I wanted to create. Most new designs come from a “need,” and from continuously finding chokers that didn’t meet my expectations, I decided to become my own designer. I designed the exact choker I was imagining in my head. This has been a journey – a journey of learning the “ins and outs” of having my own startup business and searching for certain fabrics and jewels that make my line unique.

Sporting a red velvet choker from her line.

5) What is your vision for the future?

My vision for the near future is that Chokers by Chloé will accessorize and continue to add a special touch to an outfit. I also want to continue to design and create clothes that will make women feel free and sexy. Ultimately, my dream is about creating a fashion line that represents being truly yourself and confident with who you are.

Personally, I hope to get into an amazing fashion school such as Central Saint Martins in London and get to expand my mind studying fashion in a completely new space, with different people and ideas.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
Eyeing the future through rose-colored glasses of positivity and confidence.

6) What piece of advice would you give to teens who strive for success like you do?

My advice to a teenager striving for success in what they are passionate about is to never get discouraged. Other teenagers and people will try to make you feel unworthy of what you are accomplishing but stay confident in knowing that you have a purpose and with your goal you will be able to conquer anything you set your mind to!

Carefully picking your circle of friends is one of the most important aspects of becoming the best version of yourself, choose friends that inspire you and challenge you to excel to your full potential! This is an absolute necessity for your life, because these are the people you seek ideas, encouragement and advice from!

Some facts about Chloé:

  • Her favorite food is truffle pasta from Scalinatella in NYC.
  • Her favorite shoe designers are Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Chloé, Golden Goose and Alaïa.
  • Her most important style tip is to accessorize an outfit with not much going on. Add some fun necklaces (such as a choker), or a pop of color like a fluorescent purse or eccentric shoes, and wear a statement jacket.
  • She would describe her personal style as Bohemian Rocker. “My style is edgy and rocker, with a twist of indie/hippie.”


@ChloeSelbyStyle & @ChokersByChloe on Instagram:


Cover photo shot by Adelle Goldenberg for The Glam Salad ©

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