Matcha Editorial

Wake up and smell the matcha!

One fine morning, we decided to take a stroll to Cha Cha Matcha in New York City’s SoHo. Joined by the  über-chic blogger, Chloé Selby, it was quite a fabulous excursion.

Chloé is a veteran style-expert and chose to wear a statement MadeWorn jacket along with layered necklaces and a velvet choker from her own line, Chokers by Chloé.

After making our way through the impossibly-charming streets of SoHo, we arrived at Cha Cha Matcha to pick up some coconut matcha goodness. Whether you love or hate the powdery green color, once you drink anything with this Japanese tea leaf, you feel healthier than that time you opted for a Cobb salad instead of nachos and deep-fried oreos. And it tastes way better than that salad.

Model & Fashion Editor: Chloé Selby (Her better-than-white-chocolate-matcha-latte fashion blog:, @chloeselbystyle)
Photographer: Adelle Goldenberg (@adellegoldd)

The streets of SoHo provide infinite photo-ops, and in true #GlamSalad style, when opportunity knocks, we stand at the door to take a photo!
When a passerby thinks your look is so dope and asks for a photo, you know you hit the sartorial style mark.
We arrived at our destination – and it’s the cutest shade of Tumblr pink.
Cozy Corners.

Learn more about Chloé Selby and Chokers by Chloé in our upcoming profile on her!

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