Tests 101

Want to get that A+? Here’s how:

1) Approach the situation with calm

The worst possible thing you can do is freak out. It doesn’t help you study, it doesn’t help you retain information, and it certainly doesn’t make you happy. So take a deep breath and know that everything’s-gonna-be-alright.

2) Plan

The best way to start thinking about studying for a regular test is to plan at least a week in advance. Write down how you’re going to ace this test. Are you going to study 20 minutes each day on the bus ride to school? Are you going to read all your notes 3 times? Make sure to do something that works for you.

3) Don’t Over-study

If you decide you’re going to do 100 examples a day to practice, you may end up totally burnt out, with no time to hang out with friends or do anything you love. This could lead to just giving up completely, so beware.

4) Use anything that will help you remember important information

Songs are scientifically proven to remain in your memory longer – and just think about how many tunes you could use to “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn…” it may even become your new favorite jam (or it’ll just stay stuck in your head forever).

Another tool that helps is teaching. If you are able to explain it to others, that helps you completely grasp the facts. Just keep in mind that if you don’t have any actual students, it’s best not to clarify geometry to your lamp when people are watching.

5) Stay positive

This is so vital to doing your best. If you’re going to keep saying “I don’t want to fail, I really don’t want to fail,” chances are, you’re going to fail. The reason for that is because you’re focusing on the negative and it makes you start to feel hopeless. Ultimately it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: you’re too anxious to study, when you actually do you don’t have a sharp focus, and when the test finally comes around you’re too nervous to perform well.

Always remember: you are worth more than your grades, life is beautiful, and you can and deserve to get that A+!


Photo: Pink apple candle, $34/Inspirational pencil set, $3/‘K Bye’ eraser, $13/Harrods gold notebook, $9.95

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