Try Not to Laugh

This Monday presents a challenge – not to laugh hysterically. May the odds be ever in your favor!

1. Ugly Face Returns

There’s no explanation needed as to why we found this funny – just look at the teaser photo.

2. Funny Sound That Will Make You Laugh

Okay, when something promises to make you laugh it usually does not make you laugh but just imagine using this sound as a ringtone and having it ring in the middle of class.

3. Contagious Laughing Extreme

The only good contagious thing this season is the video below.

4.The First Try Not to Laugh Video

Although the blurry, unglamorous cover photo suggests an old YouTube video, this one never gets less hilarious – and you know what they say about the first…

5. Blurred Lines Sung in Public

Remember that song we all couldn’t get out of our heads? Well this guy took it to another level.

Cover photo: Molly Meisels for The Glam Salad ©

One thought on “Try Not to Laugh

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