The Cutest Halloween Costumes

The only costume you won’t find here is the “cute cat.”
We hope you are all gearing up for a super stylish Halloween!

1. Karl Lagerfeld

Get the baby powder, because gray hair is of ultimate importance. In this ensemble, we combined Chanel classics like tweed, leather, pearls and Lagerfeld’s signature gloves.

Leather gloves, $135/Cat coin purse, $115/Chanel clutch, $11,880/Platform brogues, $49.90/Fendi sweater, $1500/Tweed skirt, $297

2. Jamie Bond

MI6 agents can carve a mean pumpkin.

Fedora hat, $160.03/Martini glass, $32/Gucci vintage bag/Burberry trench coat, $2,250/Elizabeth and James Bond sunglasses, $98/Chanel gun ring, $1,399/James Bond 007 perfume, $38/Stella McCartney brogue boots, $932

3. Snapchat filters

Why not bring that flawless glow to any Fright Fest?

4. Dunkin Donuts

For all those stylish basketball-lovers, combine the sports accessories with sweet treats.

Bobbi Brown lipstick, $32.50/Donutย skirt, $37.25/Retro donut sunglasses, $8.90/Alexander Wang sweater, $350/Puma sneakers, $85/Dunkin Donut earrings/Basketball necklace, $40

5. The Chanels from Scream Queens

Whether they’re on the run from the Red Devil or run wild at a mental hospital, their chic antics are the perfect Halloween inspiration.

Devil ear hair clips, $5/Lab coat, $14.46/Pink velvet and pearl choker, $15/Sunglasses, $14/Follie spike Louboutins, $1,295/Blue ombre necklace, $2,000/Gucci slippers, $995/Mink jacket, $2,741/Basicย bodycon pencil skirt

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