School Supplies According to Your Style

Whether you identify your go-to sartorial style as vintage, food-loving, elegant or geek-chic, we’ve matched up the right school supplies for you.


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Acrylic marble and gold stapler, $36/Kate Spade Dot file folders, $16/Kate Spade strike gold pen, $25/Kate Spade tape dispenser, $24


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Eiffel Tower scissors, $12.99/Caramel erasers, $11.2o/Vintage telephone case, 1962 school supplies catalog, $19.99/DIY retro gum holders, $0


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Oreo USB, $2.99/Laduree erasers, $27.50/Mini toast bag, $294/Sprinkles notebook, $13.50/Laffa pencil case, $49.99/Luisaviaroma backpack/Flowing chocolate pencil case


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Harry Potter pencils, $17.95/Math clock/Ivy league stickers, $4/World map skater skirt

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