Confidence 101

We’ve all been there. The dread of waking up for another day with our fears running rampant. How do we recapture that confident spirit, that awareness that we are good enough as we are and have the ability to accomplish anything?

Here are some tips compiled by our editors (which they actually use!).

1) Take care of your appearance

You know that feeling when you’re wearing a killer outfit and your makeup is on fleek? No one would dare mess with you because the vibe you give off is, “I’m beautiful and I know it.”

2) Posture is everything

Walk with your back straight and your head up.

3) Smile

Smiling instantly disarms people. It is scientifically proven to make you feel better and to make you more likable.

4) Banish negative thoughts

Banishing and replacing those negative thoughts will certainly increase confidence. When you have a thought like ‘Nobody will talk to me,’ you can replace it with ‘I’m a good conversationalist.’ Then remind yourself of the times when you were indeed good at conversation.

5) Fake it ‘til you make it

Sometimes it helps to imagine what someone you admire would do. For example, WWBD – What Would Beyoncé Do. Now we all know that Queen Bey would not sit in a corner with her head down and wait for other people to notice her. She would start conversations even if no one else did first.

So for one day, pretend you are Beyoncé. Walk into that room like you own the place, secure with the fact that if need be, everyone would attack Rachel Roy with bee emojis. If you keep acting like the person you want to be, soon enough you will turn into that person because it is you putting in the effort, not Beyoncé.

6) Speak slowly

It demonstrates that you believe in what you are saying. Furthermore, not rushing to finish your sentence demands the attention you deserve.

7) Make eye contact; notice the person’s eye color in the first 5 seconds.

“The eyes are the window to the soul” and looking into them more often yields positive results.

In addition, when meeting someone for the first time, make sure to notice their eye color. Even though you’ll be thinking ‘Are those hazel or gray?’ it’s the extra 5 seconds that makes the difference.

8) Take up physical space

Confident people are not afraid to take up more room. If you notice that you’re making yourself smaller, correct that to give you a mental boost. Something as simple as uncrossing your arms or leaning back in your chair makes you seem more approachable.

9) Get out of your head – most of the time people are actually thinking about themselves.

Really. Everyone is actually worrying about themselves instead of what you’re doing. Yes, humans are selfish, but would you rather they dissect every bit of the bead bracelet you’re wearing?

10) Help others

Being kind makes us feel good. Yes, another selfish aspect of humans. Of course, no matter the reason behind it, kindness is always impressive. It also increases your self-esteem. When you give, you are telling yourself “I am a good, giving person.” That already makes its statement and lets everyone know they must treat you well because you are a kind person.

Photo: Molly Meisels for The Glam Salad ©

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