How to be a Fashion Blogger

Cartier campaigns. Makeup lines. All-expenses-paid trips to Beijing. Those are just a few of the perks that come along with successful fashion blogging.

Of course, nobody starts out like that. There are several keys to beginning like a pro and making sure you will remain dedicated. With the help of fab Ana Scheidlinger (@ana_ _rebecca), we compiled some tips on how to become a fashion blogger.

After reading this, anytime your algebra homework makes you want to cry, you can simply throw your hands up and say “I’ll just become a fashion blogger.” Just kidding.

1) Take the leap:

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just take one step today. Some of them are: finding a blog host like WordPress, designing your blog, planning a few posts, and launching!

2) Be consistent:

Make a schedule and stick to it. If you keep going, chances are that you will keep gaining viewers and followers.

3) Social media is your best friend:

There are 1.96 billion social media users worldwide. Don’t you think at least some would be interested in seeing your chic ensembles? Through Instagram and Facebook, you can reach new followers and gain massive audiences. In fact, Ana’s blog is entirely on Instagram – watch as it keeps growing every day!

4) Do what it takes to get the best shot:

Ana is extremely dedicated to getting the best shot. “One of my challenges I face with my blog is blogging in harsh weather conditions – the pictures come out great in the snow during the winter, but it’s freezing outside without a coat! Do it for the blog!”

So whether it means borrowing your mom’s Canon SX410 or shivering through blizzards, you’ll be proud to see amazing shots on your blog.

5) Network:

Collaborate with other bloggers, volunteer to work with brands, and do anything that will give your blog more exposure.


Some facts about Ana Scheidlinger, of @ana_ _rebecca:

  • The meaning behind her blog name is quite simple: her first and middle name.
  • Her favorite fashion magazine is Glamour.
  • She interned at Teri Jon and is currently at Yoana Baraschi. Her key to getting these? “Connections, connections, and connections!”
  • She hopes to study Fashion Business Merchandising at FIT and become a stylist or fashion buyer.
  • Her favorite foods are coffee and chocolate.

Some photos from her fashion blog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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