Welcome to The Glam Salad!


Growing up in the 21st century is quite a trip. We should know – we’re doing it right now. From Kylie Jenner’s latest lip-kit to anxiety-inducing SAT Prep, there are many things we all have to worry about. Since there are so many lessons we learned so far that we wish we had known earlier, the Glam Salad team decided to launch a platform to share all these things. Whether you’d like to share a laugh, learn how to deal with your first relationship, or get a glimpse into the best parties, this site is your destination.

 Young adulthood is a time when we are idealistic enough to think that we can change the world (and we can!). It’s a time for discovering who you are, making mistakes and enjoying the thrill of it all. It’s one of the hardest and best times of your life – and we want to be there through it all. Welcome to GlamSalad.com, a mixture of stylish produce seasoned and dressed up with the best. I look forward to interacting with you, even if you don’t like Kylie’s lipkit.

To Recap:

Who: Young adults who want to know how to be successful, how to deal with growing up, and how to have fun through it all.

What will be featured:
♦ 101: Clear-cut articles on the basics of teenage life, like “Skincare 101” and “Boys 101.”
♦ Style: Outfit ideas, fashion editorials, and all things glamorous.
#Hangry: Food-related articles centered around tantalizing photos. Another equivalent name for this category would be “Heaven.”
#Humor: Featuring all things funny. Our goal is to make you laugh until your sides hurt.

When: Every Monday and Thursday.

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